Clos cibonne history

On a hill of the Maures mountains, between Toulon and Hyères, an old 17th century country seat rises, dilapidated and crumbling, surrounded by vine yards and overlooking the harbor of Toulon.

We are at the Clos Cibonne which draws its name from Jean-Baptiste de Cibon, captain of Louis XVI's Royal navy and first owner of the vineyard.After his death in 1797, the property was sold to the Roux family's ancestors. In the 1930s, André Roux gave its spurs to the vineyard surrounding the Tibouren grape variety. Since then, both children and grandchildren have carried on the tradition.

The authentic Tibouren from the Pradet will go around the world

Today's site has kept all its authenticity and history related to Tibouren grape variety.

At the heart of a green setting, the visitor is immediately seduced by the site’s quiescence. Surrounded by vineyards, the cellar and its reception area welcome you. br>
The vineyard is located by the Mediterranean sea, in the south-east of France, between Marseille and Nice.Thanks to the international airports of Hyères or Marseille, this enchanting site is very accessible from all corners of Europe.The 24 hectare property overlooks Toulon's harbor on the west as well as the Giens peninsula and the Porquerolles Island on the east.
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famille Mourchou clos cibonne

Jacqueline and Emile Mourchou

Jacqueline, André Roux's daughter, took over the vineyard with Emile, her husband, at her father's death.

From 1989 to 2003, they ensured continuity by preserving Tibouren cuvées, renovating the residential buildings and modernizing the cellar. Vast works were also undertaken in the vines, particularly to replant.
Mr Roux fondateur clos cibonne au Pradet

André Roux, the granfather

André Roux has been the architect of the Clos Cibonne's development during most of the 20th century.

Born in 1903 in the Pradet, he passed away in 1989.
We owe him our passion for Tibouren which he passed on to us. It is safe to say that, without him, this old grape variety would have disappeared. He was also one of the wine-growers in the 1950s who obtained the Cru classé classification of eighteen Côtes de Provence vineyards, including the Clos Cibonne. The children and grandchildren of his client still come to the vineyard to taste the rosé wines, such as the Cuvée des Vignettes, and remember with nostalgia the Cuvées d'Edmond Dantès .
Très vieilles bouteilles vin tibouren Clos Cibonne

Château Cibon

There are only a few bottles left from the beginning of the 20th century which bear witness to the past and to Marious Roux's time , André's father. At the time, rosé and red wines were already obtained with Tibouren.

Born in 1875, Marius Roux passed away in 1958.
VIeilles bouteilles du clos cibonne

Old Bottles

The history of this label started in the 1930s. Its represents the Clos Cibonne's vineyards, with the Château de la Cibonne in the foreground and its ancient gate dating from the 17th century. In the background, we can see what are today the cellar and the residential buildings.

Timeless label, it has lasted through the years. Even if its design was as bit outdated in the 1980s due to the uncluttered labels trend, it embodies today the terroir and the tradition which perfectly represent the passion of the 5 generations which have succeeded one another.