• Notre gamme Château CIBON - Cru classé

    Château Cibon « des vins d’exception » ...

    Cuvée Marius Rouge - Cuvée Marius Rosé

    Marius Roux, born in 1875, led the destiny of the estate with his wife Valentine, née Jourdan who inherited the lands around the Castle of Cibonne.

    At the end of the 19th century, Marius went down to the village on market days with his wine barrel on the cart pulled by his horse to sell his wine.

    For the great moments of life, between weddings, baptisms, Christmas, Easter and other festivities Marius bottled his wine. 

    And it is his label that we have taken to honor the memory of Marius ....

    These wines are a hymn to the history of the Cibonne, generations that have succeeded each other for two centuries and the inevitable variety "The Tiburen".

    These Château Cibon wines, Cuvée Marius, are gastronomy wines to be enjoyed with family or friends to celebrate the great moments of life. order
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