Tibouren A historical grape variety

Tibouren is a grape variety from the Mediterranean Basin which goes back to the earliest antiquity. It can be found in the lower Mesopotamia, and then in Rome.

Some writings show that Julius Caesar praised the wines of Tibur which he greatly enjoyed.

Tibouren is a very noble and demanding grape variety. Its cluster reaches maturity only on the mediterranean coast, in privileged places such as the sunny and schistose hills of the Clos Cibonne.

In the coastal 24-hectare vineyard, the Tibouren grape variety predominates in the rosé-making and guarantees the Clos Cibonne vineyard’s quality and authenticity. Other grape varieties complete the blends such as Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah.
pied de vigne tibouren dans le var au Pradet

The grape variety king of the Clos Cibonne

There is essentially Tibouren in the vineyard. On more than half of the plots, Tibouren is goblet-pruned; the other half is wire trained.

The oldest plots of the vineyard date back to the 1960s and largely contribute to the production of the Cuvées traditionnelles, the Cuvée des Vignettes and the Cuvée prestige Caroline. The youngest vines produce the grape destined to the Cuvée Tendance and bring more freshness and acidity to the wines.
Grappe de raisin tibouren

The Tibouren grape clusters

Tibouren produces black grapes with a very thin skin and white flesh. It is very appreciated for its sweet berries.

This grape variety's specificity lies in the berry's lack of homogeneity, size or maturity-wise.
Vendanges manuelles côtes de provence

Grape harvest

Most of the harvesting is done by hand so as to make a first selection and obtain a more qualitative grape crop

Harvests usually take place in September and Tibouren is quite an early grape variety. Each year, the grape-pickers team is made up of regulars who, for some of them, have been coming for almost thirty years.
That time of the year is always a privileged moment which ends with the traditional harvest meal accompanied by some old vintages of the vineyard.
Vendanges manuelles clos cibonne pradet

Collecting the grapes

The grapes are harvested early in the morning to preserve their freshness and avoid oxidation, which is abd for the rosés.

The selected grapes are then conveyed towards the cellar thanks to a gravity system. We avoid using a pump which would damage the harvest. We take many precautions in order to guarantee a high-quality level.

The juices are then refrigerated in order to preserve the various aromas, in particular for the rosés.