The cellar A mythical place

The cellar, truly mythical place, where the memory of past generations who glorified the wine gods and Tibouren is still alive.

Vintage pictures featuring Raimu, Fernandel, Gabin and many others decorate the wine-tasting cellar's walls.

The loyal clients still remember the great moments spent in the cellar with André Roux and the memories left by the tasting of the amber-colored nectar…

Thanks to the extension of the buildings next to the old cellar, we were able to set up a bottling and wine-making cellar in accordance with modern vinifaction criterias: thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, pneumatic press, efficient bottling lines…
Entrée cave clos cibonne var

The Cellar History

At the back of the cellar, you can see the Ordre Illustre des Chevaliers de la Méduse's coat of arms. It was a Provencal society and ambassador of Provencal wine. André Roux had been promoted 'Grand Protecteur' (great guardian) in 1958. The cellar gathers both the vineyard's and the Roux family's history.

The old oak casks have seen numerous rosé and red vintages. The Tibouren wines, which age for several months in these casks, give the vineyard its authenticity and characteristics, thus revealing Provence's soul and the garrigue's scent.
Barriques de vin du var cru classé clos cibonne

The wine-tasting cellar

How many clients have felt a bit disoriented after a vertical tasting of Tibouren…

The cellar's coolness, as opposed to the Provencal summer's heat, has surprised many visitors…

So many memories in this place which hasn't changed for years and has seen generations of clients and Tibouren lovers.
Entrée espace de vente de vin clos cibonne

The cellar VS the 21th century

Over the last ten years, we have invested a lot in order for the Clos Cibonne's equipments to be in compliance with quality and environmental standards. New fermentation cellar, cooling unit, pneumatic press, gravity conveyance system, bottling line…

These investments were necessary in order to tackle 21st century challenges and move towards excellence in order to offer high quality wines to our clients, while preserving our tradition.
Intérieur espace de vente de vin clos cibonne

The cask storehouse

We built a cask storehouse in 2007 which completes our old casks.

A 300-liter oak cask in which the Cuvées Prestige Caroline and Olivier are produced. The Caroline rosés, from old Tibouren vines, are vinified and then age in these casks. The red Cuvée Prestige Olivier ages only in casks for at least 12 months. These Cuvées are often named in the national press. Cuvée Prestige Olivier has been rewarded several times at the Concours Général Agricole of Paris.

The Cuvée Prestige Caroline is very interesting and surprising thanks to its originality.