Clos Cibonne

At the heart of a green setting, the visitor is immediately seduced by the site’s serenity. Surrounded by vineyards, the cellar and reception area welcome you. The cellar, truly mythical place, where the memory of past generations who have glorified the wine gods and the Tibouren is still alive.

The coastal 15-hectare vineyard, the Tibouren grape variety predominates in the rosé-making and guarantees the Clos Cibonne vineyard’s quality and authenticity.Other grape varieties complete the blends such as Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah.
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domaine clos Cibonne Le Pradet vue du ciel!

An enchanting site

The vineyard is located in a green setting by the Mediterranean sea, in the South-East of France, between Marseille and Nice.

Thanks to the international airports of Hyères or Marseille, this enchanting site is very accessible from all corners of Europe.

The 15 hectare property overlooks Toulon's harbor on the West as well as the Giens peninsula and the Porquerolles Island on the east.
Caisse de vin de provence cru classé Tibouren Clos Cibonne


The soil, slaty and clayey, is perfect for the cultivation of grapevines.

This landscape system is part of a larger orogenic system, between the hercynian foldblet's Palaeozoic remains, located by the sea, and the tertiary foldbelt's small chalky mountains.

A Permian depression streches out between the two foldbeds. It starts in the Pradet and goes in between the Palaeozoic red blocks and the blue-grey tertiary blocks, all along the coast.
Vigne Le Pradet Hyeres clos cibonne

The climate

Mediterranean climate, with moderate temperatures: during the winter thanks to the sea and during the summer thanks to the breeze phenomenon. It rains around 27 inches of water per year during springtime or autumn, heavy rain showers being most common. During summertime, the temperaturse can reach 95°F.

During winter, the temperatures can drop to 25 or 23°F. However, frost days do not exceed two weeks. The main winds are the Mistral, coming from the north towards the south and the east wind, coming from the south towards the east and which often brings the rain.
La cave ancienne du Clos Cibonne

At the heart of Tibouren

The Tibouren grape variety has found fullness at the Clos Cibonne. An adapted vineyard site and a favorable climate have contributed to the success of this old Provencal grape variety.

The heart of the vineyard is its mythical cellar, well-known by all Tibouren lovers, where rosé and red wines age in hundred-year-old casks.

The cellar is a unique place where people can meet and taste our wines. The ideal place to taste both new and old vintages.